This old bridge lies adjacent to Battlefield Boulevard, just north of the Great Bridge bridge and across the street from the Crown gas station. It's probably one of the last remnants of the original road, which was just to the east of the road we drive along today. Special thanks go out to Morgan Buyrn for pointing this structure out to me. Mr. Buyrn speculates the bridge may have been constructed sometime between 1865 and 1900, and given that the cement is not of a modern variety (note the large stones and shells in it), this could very well be the case. Also supporting this, someone from the Norfolk County Historical Society has pointed out that it appears to have wagon-wheel tracks on it! These are slightly visible in my pictures and I'll return for close-ups when I can. From the inner edge of one railing to the other, the bridge is a little better than 15-feet wide. There's also a small stream that passes underneath it. If anyone has more information on this structure, please let me know.

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