A fascinating poster showing the genesis and original plan for the Piedmont Heights neighborhood in Portsmouth. Many of the street names seem to have changed, but Watts Avenue, which runs through the center of the neighborhood, still exists. Old Deep Creek Road, which makes up its northern edge (the right side of the poster), doesn't appear in my ADC street map, but there is a Deep Creek Boulevard in the area. Piedmont Heights was hyped as being "convenient to the Navy Yard, S.A.L. Shops, Oliver Oil Mills, Columbia Peanut Mills, Piedmont Manufacturing Co., and the various railway terminals." Lots sold for "$100, $110, and $125 for corners and those fronting the electric car line."

The poster certainly serves as a window on a different time. Though sensibilities have changed, it was probably sensitive for its day, promoting the neighborhood as a place that "could be built up in accordance with the wishes of those desiring to better the condition of their race."

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